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V-by-One HS IP Core

V-by-One®HS IP Core

The V-by-One®HS standard has been developed by THine Electronics Inc. to offer capabilities for FPD markets that are requiring ever-higher frame rates and higher resolutions.
Tokyo Electron Device (TED) offers the V-by-One®HS IP Core for Xilinx FPGA that achieves reducing the cable pairs, costs and time to market.

  • Targets a high speed video signal transmittion based on internal connection of the equipment.
  • Up to 3.75Gbps data rate (effective data rate 3Gbps) per lane.
  • Data scrambling and Clock Data Recovery (CDR) to reduce EMI.
  • CDR solves the skew problem between clock and data at conventional transfer system.
Resolution Refresh rate (Pixel Clock) Color depth *1 No. of Data Lane
HD 60Hz (74.25MHz) 18/24/30/36 bit 1
120Hz (148.5MHz) 18/24/30/36 bit 2
240Hz (297MHz) 18/24/30/36 bit 4
Full-HD 60Hz (148.5MHz) 18/24/30/36 bit 2
120Hz (297MHz) 18/24/30/36 bit 4
240Hz (594MHz) 18/24/30/36 bit 8
4Kx2K 60Hz (594MHz) 18/24/30/36 bit 8
120Hz (1188MHz) 18/24/30/36 bit 16 *2
240Hz (2376MHz) 18/24/30/36 bit 32 *2

*1) Supported color depth & data lanes by IP Core depend on the target FPGA sevice.
*2) Design service for 16 or 32 lanes is available.


  • Up to 3.75Gbps data rate per lane on Virtex®-6 (Up to 3.125Gbps on Spartan®-6)
  • 1, 2, 4, and 8 lanes operation (Design service for 16 and 32 lanes are available)
  • Variable settings of driver swing, pre-emphasis and equalizer.
  • Flexible implementation and package compatibility.

Link System Diaffram


Support FPGA

  • Spartan®-6 FPGA
  • Virtex®-6 FPGA
  • Kintex™-7 FPGA Coming soon
  • Artix™-7 FPGA Coming soon

Target Devices

Core resources of the refference design that has 4-data lanes is shown in the following table.
So the smallest devices are available to implement the design including the core.
Spartan®-6 FPGA Family: XC6SLX25T (Slices: 30%),
Virtex®-6 FPGA Family: XC6VLX75T (Slices: 10%)

Core Resources(4-data lanes)
  Transmitter Receiver
Slices 1,000 1,050
Slices 2,300 2,400
FFs 2,900 3,350
BlockRAM 20 20
PLLs 3 3
BUFGs 7 8
V-by-One®HS IP Core
Part number
Project License TIP-VBY1HS-PROJ
Site License TIP-VBY1HS-SITE
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