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Origami B20 Module


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Part Number:OM-B20-Z2-KU-060

The Origami “B20” Module is a revolutionary module with extreme connectivity and processing power. With its business card size and its dedicated Z-Ray connector, the B20 can easily be integrated onto standard or custom carrier boards that perfectly fit every application. The B20 is organized around a Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale 060 FPGA., the B20 features 2 banks of high bandwidth DDR4 memories. It incorporates the requested on-board DC-DC. The B20 offers special provision for security. It allows to secure IP-Cores, Firmware and processed content with strong encryption, key management and physical security enclosure. It includes a battery powered real time clock and tamper detection circuitry. The B20 is particularly convenient for advanced video applications. It is capable of handling multiple video codecs and of interfacing and processing video streams up to 8K UHD-2 video stream in uncompressed & TICO and up to 4K UHD-1 in uncompressed, TICO, JPEG 2000, HEVC IP, AVC and MPEG 2.

You can choose compression IPs from IP shop on the website without annoying license agreement and those IPs are pre-validated on Origami module. Please visit IP shop from here. https://quickstore.quickplay.io/
We launches the Origami Ecosystem, gathering market leaders to deliver audiovisual system designers modular hardware, software and IP-Cores enabling freedom of creativity.
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  • Interface
    Interposer connector - 2 unit Module (Z2-50)
    • 23 x 50 pins
    • 28x Gigabit Transceivers
    • JTAG
    • HPIO / HRIO
    • I2C & ISP control bus
    • 12V & 3,3V Power lines
    • Push switch, DIP switch, LED
    LEDs for debug
  • Security
    RTC with battery back-up
    Tamper Detection on Security Enclosure
  • On board Clock
    200 Mhz Oscillator +- 30ppm
    300 MHz Oscillator +- 10ppm
  • FPGA Xilinx Kintex UltraScale:
    XCKU060 -2 speed grade in FFVA1156 package
  • Memory
    4GByte DDR4 SDRAM: 16Gbits per bank
    (4 chips x 256Mbits depth x 16 width) x 2 banks
  • Flash memory
    512 Mbit Configurable flash
  • Dimension
    2 Unit Origami Module
    93.75 x 52.60 x 20 mm
Secure Enclosure

<Export Requirements>
Tokyo Electron Device Limited, software programs, technical data and products may not be exported or re-exported, either directly or indirectly, to the U.S. embargoed destinations or entities of Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Serbia/Montenegro, Sudan, Syria and the UNITA faction in Angola, or to individuals on the Entity List, Denied Persons List and the Specially Designated Nationals List without prior written authorization from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration.
Part number OM-B20-Z2-KU-060

Reference Designs & Development kits
A set of development Kits is available (under license) to help
you develop your own hardware application:
Hardware Development Kit (HDK)

    • Interposer schematics,PCB layout
      Software Development Kit (SDK)
    • API
      Firmware Development Kit (FDK)
    • pre-validated IP-cores and pre-build firmwares
    • QuickPlayc tool to develop firmwares in HLS
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