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Development of TB-7Z-020-EMC Extension Microcontroller Card with Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC
- Create the ideal system-level development environment to satisfy diverse product development needs -

November 13, 2012

Yokohama, Japan, November 13, 2012 - Tokyo Electron Device Limited (TED) has today announced the development of the TB-7Z-020-EMC extension microcontroller card fitted with a Zynq™-7000 All Programmable SoC.

Released under TED's inrevium* brand, the TB-7Z-020-EMC is an evaluation platform fitted with both an ARM® Cortex™-A9 MPcore with on-chip connection to an FPGA fabric and a Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC that incorporates a range of peripheral functions. It can be used to implement evaluation systems into various different development projects.

Large logic development projects typically require hardware and software engineers to share the limited number of evaluation systems. In particular, development inefficiencies arise such as the long time simulation and lack of seamless emulation, if software engineers are unable to use their evaluation system frequently.

When used in conjunction with TED’s TB-7V-2000T-LSI ASIC development test platform or FPGA evaluation platforms fitted with an FMC connector, the TB-7Z-020-EMC facilitates task separation between hardware and software engineers, helps budget cut and reduce the development time significantly. The new TB-7Z-020-EMC features ease of connection to the main FPGA evaluation platform,and software engineers can use it to test the performance repeatedly on the real hardware during the development process. This provides a system-level evaluation environment that can be used with greater efficiency than was possible in the past.

By featuring small size and a wide range of interfaces, TB-7Z-020-EMC goes far beyond just connection ability with FPGA evaluation platform. The card can also demonstrate its high level performance and design productivity not only as the development environment, but also for the development of the application which require powerful ARM processor such as Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC. With supporting FMC connector, additional interfaces can be added easily to support the targeted application. This means that the TB-7Z-020-EMC can facilitate innovative product developments, and also can satisfy the diverse needs of developments to differentiate their products from competitors. Software reference designs are also available, including design for connection to various types of FPGA evaluation boards, for DVI interface and for Linux-based embedded systems.

TB-7Z-020-EMC Features

  • Shortens development time by providing a system-level development environment
  • Faster and higher quality software development
  • High degree of expandability facilitates reuse of design resources

TB-7Z-020-EMC Product Photograph


Extension Microcontroller Card


Connected with ASIC Development Test Platform

On-board device: XC7Z020-CLG484


  • DDR3 SDRAM x 2 (16-bit data bus x 2)
  • MicroSD card socket and media x 1
  • 128 Mbit QSPI flash memory x 1

Expansion interfaces

  • FMC (LPC) x 2
    • Samtec ASP-134604-01 (Mezzanine)
    • Samtec ASP-134603-01 (Carrier)
  • PMOD (Digilent module interface) x 1

Standard interfaces

  • Gigabit Ethernet x 1
  • USB2.0 x 1
  • UART (RS-232C) x 1
  • CAN x 1
  • DVI TX x1

Debug interfaces

  • JTAG x 2
    • MICTOR-38 for ARM
    • 10-pin header for Xilinx Cable
  • LED
  • DIP SW
  • Push SW


  • IDT 5V49EE504 multi-clock generator
    • ARM 33.33MHz
    • Logic 148.5MHz

Power supply

  • AC adaptor
  • Various Linear Technology power supply

Reference designs

  • Reference design for connection to FPGA evaluation board
  • Reference design using DVI output
  • Linux boot reference design
  • Size: 69mm x 130mm

* Not all HPC/LPC pins on the FMC connector are connected to the FPGA.

Block Diagram


Orders will be accepted from December 2012
Shipments will commence in early January 2013

* Company names and product names that appear in this news release are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

About Tokyo Electron Device

Tokyo Electron Device is a technical trading firm that provides semiconductor products and business solutions as well as commissioned design and the development of its own brand products.

*About inrevium

Leveraging on rich design and development experiences accumulated at its design development center that was established in 1985, Tokyo Electron Device is focusing on development businesses through its “inrevium” brand to provide design services (commissioned designing services) based on customer requirements as well as self-developed products that anticipate future market needs. Currently, TED provides over 60 types of products.

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Yoichiro Hotta, Yoko Fukui
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