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40Gbps x 2ch  GiGA CONNECTION Board APX-7402

GiGA CONNECTION is a new product of GiGA Series which offers super high-speed data transfer on one-to-one, or between several systems by using the optical fiber cable.
It supports entire protocol processing completely in hardware which required for the communication, the software performance is reduced and offers easily system construction.



・ Point to Point communication, Line or Link format connection
・ 40Gbps optical modulex2ch high-speed data communication
・ DDR3 SO-DIMM(2GB)x2 as the communication memory
・ Up to 32 boards connectivity
・ Up to 100m extensibility of intermodal distance
・ Supports entire protocol processing completely in hardware
・ Ensure the reliability of the communication data by Hardware CRC and Hardware retry


・ Identifies disconnected area of cable by LED or softwaree
・ Data transfer with built-in DMA controller without passing through the CPUe
・ PCI Express 3/0 Gen3(8Gbps) x8-lanee
・ RoHS compliant


Model APX-7402
Host I/F PCI-Express3.0(Gen3)8GT/s x 8
Communication Connector 40Gbps QSFP+ Optical module 2ch
Communication Cable 10G MPO Optical fiber cable
Connector Format:MPO
Transfer Mode:MultiMode
Core Diameter:50μm
Fiber Type:OM3
Communication Protocol AVAL DATA original Protocol
Connection Capacity 32 node
Memory DDR3 SO-DIMM:800MHz(DDR3-1600) 2GBx2
Environment Operating temperature: 0℃ to 50℃
Humidity: 35% to 80% (Non-condensing)
*Storage environment Temperature: -20℃ to 70℃
Humidity 35% to 80% (non-condensing)
Dimension 217.65mm x 111.15mm
Power-supply Voltage +12V±8%
*Except inrush/ripple current
Environmental Consideration RoHS(e3A), A30C5
OS Windows / Linux / VxWorks




10G optical fiber cable with MPO 10G optical fiber cable with MPO

■GiGA CONNECTION features and connection configuration example

In the network, GiGA CONNECTION products to be installed in each node can be connected by optical fiber cable with ring system (*1) or line system, and data can be transferred between arbitrary nodes. Protocol processing of communication is done automatically by hardware, so the burden of software is small and system construction can be easily done.

In addition, in the conventional GiGA CHANNEL series, even if one link is broken, all node data transfer can not be performed, but in the case of GiGA CONNECTION products, data transfer is possible between linked nodes.

Besides, the serial network is free from collision of frames on the serial transmission line, it is easy to detect trouble on the transmission line, and it is easy to maintain reliability of data. Since the protocol is simple, it is easy to share data between different systems and OS. (*1)Ring method is upgraded in the future

GiGA CONNECTION features and connection configuration example

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