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Express Converter: A/D Converter

High-speed, High-resolution A/D Converter Board APX-520



・ AD converter has resolution of 18 bits, sampling clock 200 KHz (Max)
・Input is 16 channels (single ended), input range can be switched every 8 ch, all points can be sampled simultaneously
・DA converter resolution 16 bit
・Output is 4 ch, output range ± 5 V
・FPGA can migrate
・256 MB of memory installed
・DIO (input 4 ch, output 4 ch) mounted
・PCI-Express 2.0 x 1 Gen 2 (2.5 GT / s) Low Profile


Model APX-520
AD Circuit Number of Input
(Synchronous Sampling)
Sampling Clock 200KHz (max)
Resolution 18bit
Anti-aliasing Filter 22KHz@-3dB (±10V) / 15KHz@-3dB (±5V)
Input Impedance 1MΩ
Input Current 5.4µA @+10V
Coupling DC coupling
Input Range 1MΩ / ±5V or ±10V
Maximum Input Voltage 1MΩ / ±16.5V
DA Circuit Output 4ch
Resolution 16bit
Output Range -5V to +5V
DIO Input Number of Input : 4ch
Signal Level : LVTTL(5V Tolerant)
Output Number of Output : 4ch
Signal Level : LVTTL(+3.3V Output)
Trigger/Clock Internal Clock 1Hz to 200KHz. increments of 1Hz
(*Be adjusted to settable clock)
External Trigger Input in increments of AD 8ch from DI
Host I/F PCI Express2.0x1Gen2(2.5GT/s)
Power Requirements +3.3V±9%280mA
+12V±8% 510mA
Dimension 168mmx69mm
Panel width: 20mm (non-projection)
Weight 110g
OS Windows
Environment Temperature: 0 to 50℃
Humidity: 35 to 85% (non-condensing)

■ Panel

Front Panel

A/D Converter Board ADO-1616-STD

It is an A/D converter with 4 channels of resolution 160 bits and sampling 160 Msps.
It is a standalone type product that can be used away from the PC that analyzes the sampling part.
The captured analog data is transferred to the analysis PC using high-speed optical communication "GiGA CHANNEL".
On the PC side, high-speed optical communication board APX-761F for data acquisition is mounted. A single APX-761F can acquire data from up to 8 ADO-1616-STD.



・Resolution: 16bit
・Up to 160Msps sampling
・Sampling Rate: 160MHz to 20MHz
・4ch synchronous sampling
・High analog function with SNR-71.2dB/SFDR-80.5dB
・Equipped with 2GByte(DDR3-SODIMM) on the memory
・Enable to mounting user algorithm on the FPGA
・Temperature monitoring function
・External Clock: 1ch, External trigger: 2ch
・Standalone type can be set away from analysis PC
・6.25Gbps high-speed data transfer using optical communication GiGA CHANNEL
・Data acquisition from up to 8 ADO-1616 by equipping APX-761F on analysis PC
・Up to 150m internodal distance between ADO-1616-STD and ADP-761F


Model ADO-1616-STD
Analog I/F Input 4ch (Connector : SMA)
Input Inpedance 50Ω
Coupling AC/DC coupling
(Switching Jumper shunt )
Input Range AC : 4.6Vp-p (50Ω) 31.8KHz -3dB
DC : ±2.3V (50Ω)
AC : 3.8Vp-p (50Ω) 31.8KHz -3dB
DC : ±1.9V (50Ω)
Resolution 16bit
Sampling Rate 160/128/80/64/40/32/20 MHz
Frequency Bandwidth 80MHz -3dB (LC filter included)
Maximum Input Voltage ±5V
Analog Function SFDR : -80.5dB@160Msps, Fin10MHz, FS-4dB
SNR : -71.2dB@160Msps, Fin10MHz, FS-4dB
ENOB : 11.3bit@160Msps,> Fin10MHz, FS-4dB
CROSSTALK : -80dB @160Msps, Fin10MHz, FS-4dB
External Clock Input Number of Channel : 1
Signal Level : 0.6Vp-p to 3.5Vp-p
(Sine wave/ Square wave)
Frequency : 100MHz to 10MHz
Input Inpedance : 50Ω (AC Coupling)
Connector format : SMA
External Trigger Input Number of channe : 2
Signal level : LVTTL (5V tolerant)
Input circuit : Power protection
Input inpedance : 1KΩ/50Ω
Connector format : SMA
General-Purpose Port : DIO Number of channe : 20 +GND
Signal level : LVTTL
Input circuit : Power protection
Connector format : HIF3BA-30PA-2.54DS(71)
FPGA Kintex-7
Optical I/F(For transfer) Protcol GiGA CHANNEL(AVALDATA Original)
Transfer Rate 6.25Gbps※1
Communication Format Optical fiber : 6.25Gbpsx1ch
Transfer mode : Multi Mode, Internodal distance(MAX) : 150m(*1)
Laser format : 850nm VCSEL, Laser safety standard : Class 1
Communication Connector &Cable Fiber diameter : 50µm, Connector format : LC connector
FIFO Memory 2GByte(Max 512MB per channel)
Connectable Nodes 8 Node(MAX)
Power Requirements +12V (±8%), 2A
Dimension 170mmx140mmx1.6mm[t]
Environment Temperature : 0 to 50℃
Humidity : 35 to 85% (non-condensing)
Environmental RoHS

(*1):The maximum theoretical distance between nodes depends on the cable characteristics.

■ ADO-1616-BOX


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